Important Disclosure Policy

1. This report is the property of Home Check Systems, Inc. and the above prospective purchaser(s).
This report shall not be reproduced or conveyed to any other person(s) without the specific
consent of Home Check Systems, Inc. or the prospective purchaser(s) indicated on the report. This
report is not transferable.
2. Well, county and city water in this area contain minerals and chemicals that cause premature
wear/decay of faucets, shut-off valves, toilet tank ballcock valves and water heater
elements. Periodic maintenance on these items should be considered routine and could be
required at anytime regardless of age.
3. Furniture and carpets cannot be removed or moved to inspect underlying flooring such as tile,
vinyl, concrete or other carpeting. Cracks in tile/concrete are normal and are due mostly to
expansion and contraction of subflooring and do not necessarily indicate a compromise of structural
4. Clothes washer faucets are checked with the water connection hoses attached therefore,
Home Check Systems, Inc. cannot detect if the faucets leak in the “off” position after each use.
Rubber hose materials decay with age/use and should be replaced periodically.
5. If a home is occupied and the inspector advises a “walk-through” after vacancy and prior to closing
it is to assure that carpeting, rugs, furniture and personal items did not mask problem areas. This
walk- through does not have to be done by the inspector. However, Home Check Systems, Inc.
cannot be held responsible for inadequacies in this event. Walk-through deficiency verifications
can be non- written (verbal only) or written (letter format). Call the office for a quote and to
schedule. Air conditioning re-inspections are a separate charge of $60-$75 / unit.
6. Frozen cut-offs indicate that the valve does not move under normal hand pressure. Home
Check Systems, Inc. will not force or use excessive measures to test a valve. Additionally, if a valve
has not been used for extended periods of time, it may begin to leak after use/testing.
7. Code violations, workmanship, quality of materials and the method of installation of any
component of the subject inspection are not a part of this inspection. Knowledge of continually
changing codes and the diverse perception of quality/workmanship and installation procedure
make judgments difficult and sometimes controversial.
8. If problems are noted after the new owners have taken possession notify Home Check Systems,
Inc. do not call for repairs! Home Check Systems, Inc. must assess all inconsistencies prior to
repairs by outside mechanics or contractors. This shall not be construed as a warranty or
guarantee but an effort to properly diagnose the perceived problem and assist in a resolution.
9. Appliance temperature thermostats cannot be accurately accessed during our inspection. We
will make every effort to detect malfunctioning equipment, but cannot be responsible for
defective thermostat/humidistat switches.
10. If a property has been recently (6 months to a year) painted/repainted by a seller, pre-
existing conditions may have been masked or repaired and may not manifest until a later time.
(IE: Roof overhang leaks, spots on ceilings or walls, foundation cracks, caulked or puttied wood,
prior peeling paints) Buyers should inquire if any adverse conditions existed before painting and
were repairs performed. If so, ask for details and proof of repairs.
11. Planters built next to homes pose moisture problems especially if these areas are
Problems may have long existed prior to inspections which are latent and not detectable during a
cursory inspection. If you are purchasing a home with planters you must be aware that
this condition may become a distinct possibility.
12. Home Check Systems, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the detection of termite damaged wood
in any location of the home or condominium. Detection and report of such damage must be the
responsibility of individual(s) that are properly licensed for the detection of wood destroying
organisms (i.e.: termites/wood destroying fungi/wood rot).
13. Tile flooring that has lost its bond or has a “hollow sound” may occur at anytime or location. All
tiles cannot be checked individually; therefore Home Check Systems, Inc. cannot be responsible
for this deficiency. In most instances when the grout has not eroded the tiles are in no immediate
danger of being dislodged.
14. This report is made on the basis of what was visible and accessible at the time of the inspection and
is not an opinion covering areas that are enclosed or inaccessible areas concealed by wall
coverings, floor coverings, furniture, equipment, stored articles or any portion of the structure in
which inspection would necessitate removing or defacing any part of the structure.
15. Latent conditions may exist at this property that may not be observable and/or manifest at the
time of inspection. The client, upon acceptance of this report, agrees to hold Home Check
Systems, Inc. harmless should such conditions occur after the inspection.
16. Home Check Systems, Inc. is not a practicing roofing contractor. Should the buyer desire a more
specific inspection concerning codes, installation, etc., a currently practicing roofing contractor
should be contacted. Additional roof inspections could cost between $150.00 – $300.00, depending
upon the depth of the investigation.
17. Home Check Systems, Inc. does not verify any below ground equipment and/or components,
i.e., shell, pipes, pool lights or skimmers. It is unknown if the pool or any of its underground
components leak.
18. Home Check Systems, Inc. is a pre-purchase home inspection business, not a home repair business.
Cost-to-cure estimates are not a part of our services.
19. When an item is described as “old” it should be understood that this item is at or near its life
expectancy and under normal use it may require maintenance, repairs or replacement at anytime.
20. If the Buyer has concerns about past and/or present water intrusion or leaks of any kind, you
must employ the services of a specialist in “infrared thermal imaging”. This process is the only
method that can accurately detect the presence of moisture. Without Thermography Home Check
Systems, Inc. cannot detect the presence of moisture in walls or areas that are not accessible or
visible or if an area has been cleaned of surface evidence. Home Check System, Inc. is trained and
certified in Thermography and will schedule this if needed.
21. Electrical Service/Sub panels’ inspections are cursory in scope and intent. Only remedial circuit
tests were performed in an effort to validate operation. A more extensive, critical and analytical
evaluation would require the services of a state licensed electrician. Such an inspection would
command a fee in the range of $200.00 to $300.00. Lighting that does not work will be assumed
to be a defective bulb. Home Check Systems, Inc. will not exchange bulbs to test the socket.
Switches/receptacles are subject to malfunction at anytime. Code violations and wiring conditions
are not part of this inspection.

Items Not Verified By Home Check Systems, Inc.:

1. Security systems/fire alarm systems.
2. Code violations and wiring conditions are not part of this inspection.
3. Built-in intercom/stereo/integrated doorbells.
4. Cable TV/telephone lines.
5. Floor/window/wall coverings.
6. Painted surfaces.
7. Underground wiring/plumbing.
8. Proper chimney and fireplace operation.
9. Domestic water treatment equipment and related components.
10. Roof leak Test
11. Decorative fountains of any kind.
12. Drainage of natural or constructed surfaces.
13. Thermostat calibrations of any kind.
14. Does not verify Humidistats or Heat Recovery units
15. Elevators and related components.
16. Pool Leak Test
17. Floor coverings (carpet) or wall coverings.
18. Motorized windows or window coverings.
19. Underground fuel tanks.
20. Septic tanks / drain fields.
21. Exterior / interior specialty or accent lighting or time clock operation.
22. Lead paint, or the presence of asbestos
23. Self-Cleaning Ovens
24. Home Check Systems, Inc. does not verify wiring size, voltage/amp usage
or drop for any circuitry.